ANDREU WORLD AMERICA develops, designs, manufactures and markets contract furniture in the United States.

ANDREU WORLD AMERICA is owned by ANDREU WORLD, a company founded by Francisco Andreu Marti in 1955 in Spain.  ANDREU WORLD owns manufacturing plants and commercial companies in Eastern Countries, Europe, Australia and the United States.

ANDREU WORLD, a worldwide company, is a recognized leader in furniture design for international commercial markets.  ANDREU WORLD'S trademark is innovative design and high quality production of contract furnishings.  This goal is achieved utilizing modern technology in design, manufacturing, and research and development.  ANDREU WORLD is responsive to the changing demands of the international commercial markets.

ANDREU WORLD, a certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 manufacturer, is accredited by the U.S. Organization ANSI-RAB.  ANDREU WORLD uses independent laboratories to test the durability of its models to insure long performance of its products.

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